Friday, May 28, 2010

So Behind!

Somehow I let the whole month of May slip by! So much has happened and yet nothing has really happened if that makes sense. We FINALLY have some words now though! Shawn's first official word was 'outside', he refuses to follow the normal standards! He loves to look out the window and point to the 'outside' as he says it, it's so cute! A couple days later, he came out with 'all done' and he even has a hand motion to go with it! Added into the mix also now are, 'eye' (as he pokes your eye out), 'bye'(which makes him sound like a little country bumpkin), 'yes' (usually said while he has a phone, toy, anything against his ear), and 'Dad'. He continues to be a dancing fool, also doing a fun spinning move a lot during the day. He constantly wants to give hugs and kisses and yells at you if you don't stay in his hug long enough! He always tries to put his shoes back on after he has taken them off. I put them back on for him, then right back off they come. It's a vicious cycle!  Also this month he graduated from bottle to sippy cup! He may have been one of the last babies in our group of friends to do it but it only took two days and he had zero problems.  And if you wonder why he's in orange so much this month, it's because the Flyers are in the playoffs!!!!!!  More memorable May moments...

Mothers Day

First ouchie!


Go Flyers!!

Carnival fun!

Always a good time...

New basketball hoop!

Daddy teaching Shawn to dribble

Hair cut #3


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