Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A busy weekend!

On Saturday morning, bright and early at 6:30 am, we all headed up to Shippensburg to FINALLY see Tracy graduate. If you don't remember, our first attempt at this back in December was an epic fail after we got one of the largest snow storms in Philadelphia history and graduation was cancelled. Shawn did very well on the 3 hour car ride up and until graduation started. Of course, like any little person, he wanted to get down and run around during the ceremony. I took him outside the auditorium so he wouldn't add his own speech into the mix and he seemed quite happy to be free! After some quick pictures and a bite to eat we were back on the road towards home and again Shawn did very well! As soon as we got home though I had 30 minutes to get everything re packed and ready to go for our next adventure: train ride to DC. My sister had called on Friday letting me know she was in DC and asked if there was any way I could get down there. Well what choice did I have? She came all this way, the least I could do was take the 2 hour train ride down. It sounded simple enough and we had done it before. The first train ride into 30th Street station downtown was perfect. We got to the amtrak section, talked to a redcap guy who helped with our bags and landed a great seat with plenty of room to keep Shawn in his stroller.  I was amazed at how well things seemed to be going, something always goes wrong when I travel. This trip didn't let me down...3 minutes away from Union Station, I could see the capital, we heard a bunch of popping noises and lost power. Ok, great, they'll just get it running again and we'll be on our way. Nope. Every few minutes they claimed we would be moving soon but it never happened and no power meant no air which in turn made the train car feel like a sauna. At one point I had Shawn down to just a onesie. Meanwhile, several 30 something men who had FAR too much to drink took turns getting sick in the bathroom 10 feet away from us, it was oh so pleasant. One even locked himself in the bathroom which was a nice comic relief. After two hours they came to tell us that we would be transferring to another train that would be pulling along side us and that we all needed to move forward to the front car. Picture me with a stroller, diaper bag, camera bag, and suitcase cruising up the isles. Like cattle we herded our way up the train only to be told that we were on a curve so the best place to exit would be the last car. AWESOME. Mooooo, back we went to the last car. By this time Shawn had fallen asleep which I was so thankful for because it made for a smoother transition onto the next train. We inched like snails into the station, but 3 hours after we were supposed to get in we were finally there! I felt so bad that my sister and her boyfriend had waited for us the whole time! We had a nice day with them on Sunday, it was really nice to see my sister! In the late afternoon we headed home, by CAR, and it was pleasantly uneventful! Whew, I'm tried just thinking about it all again!

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