Saturday, March 27, 2010

NOT a fan!

We learn something new every day. Today I learned that Shawn HATES the Easter Bunny. Their church puts on a breakfast with the Easter Bunny and egg hunt each year and we thought it would be so much fun to take Shawn to.  Well we had a nice breakfast of assorted pastries, baked goods and fruit while watching all the other kids sit ever so sweetly with the bunny.  Once we finished eating we headed over to stand in line, waiting patiently for our turn. The time comes...Daddy Shawn put him down on the Bunny's lap, one glance around to see who had him, annnnnnnnnnnd MELTDOWN!!!!!!!!!! Now usually he is the most personable child you'll meet. He goes to anyone and everyone, including the merry go round worker at the mall the other week. He did just fine with Santa too. But not this guy, no sir! He was hysterical. We even tried it with him on my lap next to the bunny. No go. It was sad...but slightly comical. He'll be able to laugh at it someday. Luckily we still had the egg hunt to look forward to and he recovered enough to participate. He was so excited to find the eggs that he tried to "find" them in other kids baskets! Since that experience went SO awry I'll be taking alternate Easter pictures sometime this week. There's always next year for the Easter Bunny right?? But for now, enjoy his misery!

Before the meltdown

Keep your distance bunny!

Oooh, eggs!

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